August 2015 archive

Term 3: Week 6 Reflection

This week we did lots of things! For maths, the class did rounding off. I was doing a worksheet on rounding off and I learnt that whenever a number is higher than 4, round it to the nearest ten and when it’s 4 or lower, it will remain the previous number.

Rounding off sign.

The 5/6’s started reading a picture story book called ‘The Stone Lion‘, by Margaret Wild. It’s about a stone lion who was selfish and in a lonely world. After reading the story, I learnt that you should do a good deed to feel good about your self. I would recommend this book to a middle aged group (8-10 yrs old). If you like books with a moral behind it, this would be a good picture story book.

‘One of the covers for The Stone Lion Book’

Term 3: Week 5

This week was really great! We revised a few things on commas.The class were given a worksheet, that had a piece of writing about a lady’s day. We had to put the commas in the sentences, in a place that we thought was suitable. I learnt that commas are used to add a pause to a long sentence and help separate words while listing.

We also had a few visitors from the Hawthorn Football club. There were 2 players who told us about there diets and fitness. I learnt that you need to maintain a healthy body to have a healthy mind and life.




Term 3: Week 4 Reflection

This week was really fun! We focused on decimals and verbs. I learnt that to make a sentence more interesting try to add a subordinate clause. A subordinate clause is another sentence that has continued from a main clause. For example:

“I went to the park” = Main clause.

“I went to the park – so I could enjoy the fresh breeze”= Subordinate clause.


The year 5/6 level revised decimals. We were taught about the decimal place value chart and how you can pronounce a decimal as a fraction. I learnt that you need to say the digit not the name.