Term 3: Week 2 Reflection

Hi everyone, for this week’s reflection I did many things. My highlight of the week would have to be the Emmaus Production, ‘ Beauty and the Beast’. The 5/6 level were invited to watch the production. Just by watching the production, I knew how much effort and teamwork was put in it. My favourite part was when all the dancers, cutlery and kitchen equipment came out and sang. Overall I would rate this a 9 out of 10.

 ‘ The Beauty and the Beast...’



Another one of my learnings was the AFL Gala day. To be honest, I really enjoyed it! We had 2 people come to coach us. Their names were Sean and Adam. I learnt football skills such as, short length kicks, how to bounce a football and what position you should kick the ball.  I found it hard to bounce the ball because every time I tried, the football would end up a metre forward! I noticed that when you kick the ball you need to make sure that you control your strength from your foot and make sure it goes to the direction you want it to go. Thanks for reading bye!

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