Term 3: Week 1 Reflection

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted much on my Blog  in a while, but I’ve got another post for you.  At our school, both grade 5/6’s have been set a task to reflect on their week. In this week we’ve done many things such as fractions of collections and  optical illusion art.

For this weeks maths, our main topic was about ‘Fractions of Collections’. This is what I understand about Fractions of collections. I understand that  you need to know your factors and fractions.  You need to know the formula for Fractions of Collections.



  1. Divide the Denominator by the whole.
  2. Then multiply the Numerator
  3. Then subtract the whole number by the answer
  4. Then you’ve got your answer!
  5. But remember Practice makes Perfect…


e.g Max spent 2/8 of 1200. How much does he have left?

  1. (1200  8) x2=
  2. 1200  8=150
  3. 150 x 2= 300
  4. 1200-300= 900
  5. Answer: 900






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