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Connect Four History!

Connect Four is a well known game that people like to play in their free time or when ever they just need to play a fun game. It involves a lot of thinking and strategy. Connect Four was created by two men named Howard Wexler and Ned Strongin. The genre of Connect Four is abstract and strategy.

The game was published in the year  1974.  The publishers of Connect Four were the companies Hasbro / Milton Bradley. The amount of players for this game should be 2 players.  The age range is around  6 years and up. Connect Four normally goes for 2-6 minutes when playing.  The main aim to winning Connect Four is that you must use your counters to get a four in a row or in any direction.  You place the counters in a 6×7 grid. Thanks for reading this paragraph of information on the classic game Connect Four.

Bye Guys!

  The original Connect Four.